Amphora Health is a young startup, with a strong bioethics commitment. We are reimagining the way healthcare can be provided. Our goal is to offer intelligent insights for life science organizations.

Our recruitment process

1) Submit your application package. (CV and cover letter in English) through our Worky app. Each opening will have its own link.

Please see below some excellent guidance that will help you prepare a successful application:

2) Interview. The hiring manager meets with the candidate where they explain the next steps.

3) Challenge. The candidate is assigned a one-week coding/research challenge related to the role (extendable to 10 days),

4) Coding review (if applicable). Upon completion of the analysis, the candidate will submit a link to her/his personal GitHub repo with the code of the challenge, and present her/his findings for 20-25 minutes. The presentation is recorded for internal review.

5) Review. An external review committee evaluates the submitted material (CV, cover letter, comments from hiring manager, GitHub repository, video presentation). The committee will always be composed of three reviewers (international, national, and local).

6) Reference. The hiring manager shall review the candidate’s references (at least one is required).

7) Final decision. The department director makes the final selection and informs the candidate.

8) Acceptance. Upon acceptance from the candidate, the hiring process begins. The candidate will hand over their required documentation and signs a contract and privacy agreement.

9) Welcome. The new collaborator begins their role at Amphora Health!

Benefits and perks

Standard Benefits

All benefits applicable by the Mexican bylaws and regulations, including Social Security (IMSS), retirement fund (AFORE), and housing account (INFONAVIT).

Comprehensive Healthcare

Private insurance for major medical expenses with Seguros Monterrey, and for minor expenses with our own Amphora Clinics!

Extra bonuses

We are committed to become a preferred employer in the Bajio region in Mexico. We provide extra bonuses to our collaborators according to industry standards.

Snacks & fully stocked kitchen

Our office is always full of Mexican candy (sweet and spicy), coffee, tea, and healthy snacks. We also host regular company breakfasts.

An enriching team experience

Our team host regular happy hours, hiking trips, table games tournaments, sports events, and cultural excursions. Take advantage of our social events calendar! 

Savings Fund

As an Amphora Health collaborator, you will be automatically enrolled into our Savings Fund plan.

Continuous learning

Each collaborator has its own personal training budget, which can be spend accordingly to their own needs and preference. Want to have Coursera? Attend a conference? Learn a new language? Go for it!

Meal Voucher

The goal is to help you save money, time, planning, and preparation of meals, via a flexible card that you can use to pay for lunch, groceries, or even online shopping.