The Pineapple

An amphora is a container used by humanity since prehistoric times to store water, food, wine or any other essential elements for a household, keeping it safe from debris and insects. Similarly, Amphora Health is a shelter for your data, ensuring security and privacy, and creating value for your organization

Our logo is inspired by the traditional shape given to amphoras in our local community Michoacan, which can be either a pineapple or a pumpkin. We took the shape of the pineapple, and the colors of the pumpkin.

The digital nature of our business is reflected by the download symbol arrow in the lid of the amphora, and the three waves representing both water and a digital document. 

Upon obtaining a written consent from our end, please make sure to use our official logos according to our corporate identity manual.

Corporate identity manual:

  • Manual v3.0 [pdf]

Corporate logo

  • COLOR logo on transparent background [png]
  • BLACK logo on transparent background [png]
  • WHITE logo on transparent background [png]
  • GRAY logo on transparent background [png]

Other Sizes

  • 210x x 120px logo [png]