Amphora successfully completes legal transformation to a Stock Promotion Investment Company (S.A.P.I.)

[Morelia, Mexico]
Amphora Health, legally known as “Ánfora Salud, Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada (S.A.S.)“, is pleased to announce its successful transformation into “Ánfora Salud, Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión (S.A.P.I.)“. This change marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution, reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

The conversion to a Stock Promotion Investment Company (S.A.P.I.) strengthens Amphora Health’s position as a leader in the healthcare sector, allowing greater operational flexibility and a more efficient financial structure. This transition will provide the company with the tools necessary to attract strategic investments and further expand in the healthcare market, thereby enhancing the quality of services offered.

Key Benefits of the Transformation:

  1. Greater Operational Flexibility: The S.A.P.I. structure will enable Amphora Health to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and optimize decision-making processes.
  2. Attraction of Investments: As a Promoter of Investment Corporation, Amphora Healthwe will be better positioned to attract strategic investments that support its growth and continuous development.
  3. Financial Efficiency: The transformation to S.A.P.I. will provide Amphora Health with a more efficient financial structure, allowing for more effective resource management and maximizing investment opportunities.

The legal transformation of Amphora Health to “Ánfora Salud, Sociedad Anónima Promotora de Inversión (S.A.P.I.)“, has been approved by the relevant authorities and came into effect on Aug 29, 2023. The company will continue to operate without interruptions, and all previous commitments and agreements remain valid within the framework of the new legal structure.

Amphora Health thanks its customers, partners, and collaborators for their continued support during this transformation process. The company is excited about the opportunities that this new stage presents and is committed to continuing to provide high-quality healthcare services.

For more information, please contact our general counsel’s office.

— Amphora Health