Launching Beluga v1.5, an AI-Powered Healthcare Platform for Uncovering Insights

[Morelia, Mexico (Feb 16, 2024)] – Amphora Health is thrilled to announce the launch of Beluga (, a game-changing platform designed to drive healthcare innovation. Beluga brings together Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Information Technologies to unlock the full potential of health data and inspire new discoveries.

Beluga is a user-friendly solution for hospitals, labs, universities, and research centers, empowering healthcare professionals and researchers to explore complex data effortlessly. With advanced AI algorithms and intuitive visualizations, Beluga makes data analysis accessible to everyone, without the need for coding skills.

Key features of Beluga include:

  • International data standards for observational studies, leveraging OMOP OHDSI Common Data Model.
  • Best-in-class visualizations for easy data analysis.
  • Three types of licenses available: Education, Healthcare, and Pharma, catering to various audiences.

Beluga promises to streamline processes, uncover insights, and improve patient care. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare with Beluga.

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— Amphora Health