Our prequel story: doing research together

[Morelia, Mexico]
Amphora Health’s journey is deeply intertwined with the rich collaboration that blossomed between the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Michoacán and Stanford University back in 2016.

Dr. Arturo Lopez Pineda led the research focusing on breast cancer and women’s health issues. The mission was clear: improve early breast cancer detection and forge new paths in combatting this challenging disease.

IMSS’s Dr. Cleto Alvarez Aguilar, then the research coordinator, orchestrated an environment that made the collaborative effort truly enriching for all involved. The fruits of this labor manifested in a peer-reviewed research article and the subsequent development of a new research protocol centered around diabetes.

Fast forward to 2020, the birth year of Amphora Health, where researchers and institutions established an enduring collaboration that continues to thrive. While the expectations for remarkable outcomes are high, let’s not forget the heartfelt ideals that ignited this remarkable journey.

For more details, check out the original source: https://www.quadratin.com.mx/sucesos/realizaran-imss-michoacan-stanford-investigacion-cancer-mama/

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