Elsie Leyva Gil

Operations Manager

Meet Elsie, our valued administrative associate at Amphora, whose focus lies in enhancing the human experience and guiding our Amphora journey.

Elsie pursued her education in business administration with a specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship at the National Technological Institute of Mexico (TNM) in Morelia. With a keen interest in modern recruitment techniques, she brings a unique approach to our team, incorporating methods like competency-based interviews and the Lego Serious Play method in assessment centers.

Elsie’s commitment to learning is admirable, evident in her various certifications, including ones from CCS and Google. She actively contributes to the community, mentoring job seekers and delivering talks at local fairs and universities. Her expertise led her to be recognized by Tecnologico de Monterrey, where she served as a judge in their career assessment workshops.

Outside of work, Elsie enjoys indulging in her passion for movies and TV-series. Her down-to-earth nature and dedication make her an essential part of our Amphora family, adding a touch of warmth and expertise to our team.