Pedro S. Quiroz

Chief Technology Officer

Pedro is a highly skilled full-stack developer, holding a degree in Computer Science from Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM). With over a decade of expertise, he excels in multiple programming languages, including Python, PHP, Java, and Javascript. Pedro’s technical proficiency extends to advanced frameworks like Angular and Rust, showcasing his versatility in modern technologies and software development methodologies.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Cantera Digital, a successful software development company renowned for its innovative solutions and robust applications. Pedro’s hands-on experience in building and scaling software products demonstrates his deep understanding of the technical intricacies involved in development projects.

In addition to his professional achievements, Pedro is an avid technophile who enjoys exploring the latest advancements in software engineering. His expertise covers various areas, including web development, backend systems, and frontend interfaces. Pedro’s dedication to technical excellence and his ability to navigate complex programming challenges make him a valuable asset in any technical team. Outside of work, he channels his passion for creativity into his hobbies, including experimenting with new programming languages, diving into video game development, and exploring cutting-edge technologies in the ever-evolving world of software engineering.